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North Rustico, a community that takes pride in it’s simplicity, people, and heritage. There are many characteristics that weave a community together but nothing compares to a long time fishing community. The North Rustico Harbour lighthouse has bestowed its light since 1876. It has helped many fishermen, ships, and even members of the community, throughout history. The lighthouse is a symbol of the past, present, and future of North Rustico and when it was recently declared surplus and was at risk of being lost, this was not a welcome idea.

The Friends of North Shore Communities reacted to the news and are now working with the community and other groups to preserve the lighthouse. The proposal in motion is for a high quality seasonal rental cottage that will also tie into other aspects of the community. The aspiring goal of FNSC is to ensure that the North Rustico Lighthouse fulfils a number of roles that include tourism and education. It will also generate a profit which will be used for other community projects. As an educational resource, there will be one or two weeks free for public openings and school use. The lighthouse will then play an important part in the art, history, industrial technology, and social studies programs at our local schools. There will be an information panel on the lighthouse to enhance the tourist experience and direct tourists to the Fisheries Museum for further information. These many uses for the lighthouse will be beneficial to tourists and locals alike and will ensure a long term future for it. Our plans have been endorsed by the community at two public meetings and we appreciate the input they have put forward.

This site has information regarding the FNSC, the lighthouse, and the community. It will host updates on the happenings at the lighthouse and the meetings that are held by the FNSC. Along with this important information, there is a factual history of the lighthouse and surrounding area, as well as interviews with members of the community who have treasured memories of the lighthouse. Please explore the site and enjoy the process that will be taking place to ensure the heritage and long lasting life of the North Rustico Lighthouse.


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